Tony Martin, Director, UK Immigration & Visa Services

David Lam, President & CEO, Thai Legal Protection (TLP), announced the appointment of Anthony (Tony) Martin as a Director of TLP, stating, “Tony’s brings an incredible 40+ years of UK Immigration & Visa officiating and consulting, and understanding of border security in many countries to his new role as Director of UK Immigration & Visa Services for TLP. We expect UK Immigration Law will be one of the popular legal specialties TLP will provide to its members, so Tony was the ideal candidate.”

A native of the United Kingdom where he began his career as an Immigration Officer at Heathrow Airport, Tony has worked in an impressive array of border security and Immigration positions in Bahrain, India, Malaysia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ghana, Jordan, Nigeria, Libya and in Thailand.

This extensive employment history in Immigration, Visa and Border Control in the UK and so many other countries has prepared and positioned Tony to be the leading expert consultant in Thailand on UK Immigration & Visas, not to mention his wealth of knowledge on border security standards and practices in so many other countries.


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