Profile: David Lam

David Lam, Founder and President/CEO of TSL & Associates (Thailand) Co., LTD., looked back with pride over the past 15 years that he and his staff have served thousands of Thais and Foreigners meeting their immigration, visa, & translation needs and providing a wide range of legal services including family law, criminal and civil litigation and business contracts.


“For all these years that I’ve consulted with clients, I know they have found it very difficult to find and afford good attorneys.” David continued, “Many just couldn’t pay for legal services. So I created Thai Legal Protection, an affordable membership program that will benefit everyone.”


We have created partnerships with the most experienced, well connected, respected and powerful Law Firms and Lawyers throughout Thailand. If you are traveling and have an accident or serious incident anywhere in Thailand, we will connect you with a local attorney who has strong connections with local law enforcement and government authorities.


David has also negotiated deep discounts on legal fees and is passing those savings to Thai Legal Protection (TLP) members.


David predicted, “We expect carrying our TLP Membership ID Card will bring a greater sense of security and peace of mind. If our members are in an accident or incident requiring prompt quality legal representation, our members’ contact our Call Center 24/7 to access qualified legal assistance.” David smiled, “With TLP Membership, ‘WE HAVE YOUR BACK!’”


Another service being offered to TLP members is translation/interpreter services. With Thailand a leading world tourist destination and with more & more Thais traveling abroad, the demand for document translation and interpreter services has grown dramatically. 


Seeing another opportunity to benefit TLP members, David has partnered with the best translation/interpreter agencies in Thailand that can service multiple languages and a growing volume and, again, we will discount these service for TLP members.


Foreigners just don’t understand complex Thai law and language barriers complicated this. Even Thais feel uncertain and sometimes harassed by the Thai justice system. TLP Membership is your answer to affordable and available legal protection.


For David Lam, Thai Legal Protection is part on his ongoing quest to bring ‘greater value’ and ‘customer service’ to new levels for his clients. 

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