Cherma Sakpanya, Director, Legal Services

Sabai joined the legal services team at TSL & Associate (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (TSL) in 2006 as a legal assistant. With a degree from Ramkamhang University and after obtaining her Law license in 2010, Sabai began her professional legal career at an international law firm in Bangkok between 2010-2012. 

In 2012, she opened her own private practice of law in the south of Thailand in Surat Thani Province. Gaining valuable experience there managing a law practice and honing her legal skills in Family Law until 2014, Sabai decided to relocate to Bangkok where she was warmly welcomed back onto TSL’s legal team where she practices in the areas of Immigration & Family Law.

Over the past four years, Sabai demonstrated her deepening legal skills along with her ability to manage. She now leads TSL’s legal team. Under her leadership, TSL’s Legal Services Division has grown and flourished in large part due to Sabai’s talents and dedication. This growth inspired David Lam, President of TSL, to create a vision for a stand-alone, innovative legal delivery system incorporated as Thai Legal Protection.

It was definitely not surprising that Sabai would be promoted to become Director, Legal Services of TLP. David was very sincere in his praise “In Sabai, we have the perfect anchor for Thai Legal Protection. She combines the best of Thai legal professionalism, has strong connections nationally with members of the Law Society of Thailand, and knows what team-leadership is all about.”

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