Membership Benefits

When you join THAI LEGAL PROTECTION, you now have joined a growing network of Thais and Foreign Residents & Tourists that enjoy the finest protections that the Thai Legal Profession can provide to you throughout Thailand.

Member Benefits include:

  • Member ID Card: as our network grows nationally, this card represents the finest legal protection available in Thailand. Police, District Courts and Law Firms recognize the power behind this card.
  • National Law Firm Network: the finest Thai Law Firms through Thailand are ready to serve you
  • Call Center Access: no matter where you are in Thailand, our 24/7 Call Center can assist you
  • Affordability: with Free Initial Consultations and Legal Fees Discounted by 25%, our members enjoy the best legal rates available in Thailand
  • Accessibility: our national network of the leading Thai Law Firms are ready to serve you 24/7
  • Interpreters and Translators: we discount these important services for our Thai and Foreigner clients

For an affordable monthly pre-paid fee, we invite you to become an active member of THAI LEGAL PROTECTION and receive the important membership benefits listed above and enjoy a greater SENSE of SECURITY in Thailand.

This is a “legal protection insurance card” that will pay dividends when you need it!

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