Chithigran Dongird, Board Director & Chief Customer Service Officer

After completing her academic pursuits at St. Theresa International College, Bangkok, where she studied Business Administration & Hotel Management, Chuthigran has been keenly focused on customer service. ‘Hospitality’ is defined as the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers. Chuthigran understands that ‘customer service’ puts that very concept to work in serving clients.

Chuthigran’s career has taken her around the world. She entered airline flight attendant training at Lufthansa Airlines in Germany. She was a successful Thai & Chinese restaurant owner and entrepreneur in Las Vegas, Nevada and Seattle, Washington. And she has been the leading customer service representative at TSL & Associate (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Bangkok. This rich international exposure to business sectors that demand extraordinary customer service has given Chuthigran insights and convictions that led David Lam to appoint her Chief Customer Service Officer. 

Accepting this new challenge with eagerness, Chuthigran remarked, “Throughout my career, treating customers with utmost respect while meeting their expressed needs is the key to success. This applies to legal services just as it does for airlines or restaurants. I want TLP members to know we consider them our No. 1 priority.” David agreed wholeheartedly and said, “Our commitment to customer service starts at the very top of our corporation. Appointing Chuthigran to the Board of Directors is proof of this.”

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