About Us

TSL & Associates (Thailand) has been providing services to Thais and Foreign Residents & Tourists for over 15 years. We meet a variety of client service needs involving Thai laws on Immigration, Family Law, Real Estate, Civil and Criminal Court proceedings.

We have helped thousands of our clients obtain Visas for Thailand and to go abroad, get Married in Thailand, and pursue actions in Civil or Criminal courts. Due to our success, much of our business is repeat business. We also provide translations and interpreter services, so foreign-speaking residents & tourists have our same level services regardless of their spoken language.

Over these years we understand what Customer Service means to our clients. They want FOUR essential qualities:

  • Competence: sound advice and expert service delivery
  • Affordability: services that are priced fairly
  • Availability: our clients live and travel in all parts of Thailand. They want service where they are
  • Accessibility: especially in cases of emergency, they want prompt service

TSL & Associates (Thailand) has created THAI LEGAL PROTECTION to make our Customer Service even better!

This membership program will connect you with the most impressive Law Firms throughout Thailand. With your Membership ID card and Our Call Center Number, you are only ‘a phone call away’ from getting the legal services you need, now!!


To Be the Leading Provider of Legal Services for Thais and Foreign Nationals Residing in and Visiting Thailand


To Enable our Clients to Seek & Achieve Justice and to Advance their Legal Rights and Protections in Thailand through Expert Legal Counsel and Application of the Law.

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